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According to the IMEOS report, the news that BM wants to engage in new coins does not seem to be groundless and not without signs. According to its report, BM may develop a new universal anonymous currency. BM revealed in the telegram group that he and a dozen security engineers have evaluated the development of an anonymous digital currency plan, but it is still in the market investigation stage. The anonymous currenThe best physical Bitcoin walletcy will have potential in gaming applications, with complete privacy, and there will be no risk of (information) being disclosed in the future; users can create tokens on their own; unless there are national resources to destroy its security; there is no censorship system. Moreover, the anonymous currency will maintain high performance. Each account can conduct 2 transactions per second; it can be confirmed in 0.2 seconds and is irreversible.

Forsyth said: In my opinion, it is already obvious that math-based currencies (such as Bitcoin) will eventually replace sovereign currencies. I started mining Bitcoin and Litecoin very early and have always held them. The sharp appreciation of these assets allowed me to invest in other cryptocurrency technologies, which eventually led to the development of Onfo, a platform that helps people make money through online mining.

The current price of XRP is $0.326, with a weekly decrease of 8% and a monthly increase of 9%. This week's XRP average daily trading volume was 1.4 billion US dollars, with an average daily turnover rate of 2%. XRP almost completely missed this market, tried to pull up twice but fell back, and failed to get out of the independent market. You can pay attention to the follow-up supplementary market.

However, maintaining yesterday’s view that Bitcoin has come to the weekly-level platform area. This platform was a supporting platform formed in February, April, and June before 2018; plus this August, there were a total of 4 swings. ; It is obvious in the figure that the high points of rising waves are lower than each wave, and the speed of falling waves is faster than each wave. At the weekly level, the Bitcoin price situation is not optimistic.

Weisenthal continued: Bitcoin halving (a slowdown in new supply) is seen by many Bitcoin enthusiasts as a possible catalyst to push Bitcoin higher, but the halving back and forth did not have much effect. The Fed’s balance sheet has seen a very large expansion, and governments around the world have seen huge deficits. This has not led to the fiat currency inflation or currency collapse that many Bitcoin proponents predicted. Therefore, this weakens some popular claims about what will give rise to a Bitcoin boom.

Judging from the time-sharing trend in recent days, since Bitcoin bottomed out at $5,755 on June 24, it is currently at the end of the adjustment of the fourth wave of time-sharing level. Since the pattern has been reversed, the fourth wave of correction here will not actually be very deep. The liThe best physical Bitcoin walletmit may reach the low point of the fourth wave near $7,250, and then the goal of the fifth wave is to attack the pressure zone near 9,000 points. Of course, this is only the trend of 5 small waves at the time-sharing level. After 5 small waves, the abc three-stage structural adjustment is ushered in. This is only an analysis based on wave theory on the medium and short-term level.

The 2018 bear market was very painful for many investors. Bitcoin prices fell by 80% from the highest point, and most assets fell by more than 90%. The price of the currency plummeted, and this decline has been maintained for a long time. Although many investors who entered the market in early 2017 have not yet lost money, they have begun to cash out in a hurry for fear of more variables.

In 2015, Circle became the first company in the world to obtain a digital currency license (BitLicense) from the New York State Department of Financial Services (NYDFS). In April 2016, Circle was awarded the first electronic currency issuer license (E-MoneyIssuerLicense) issued by the UK's highest financial regulator-the UK Financial Conduct Authority (UKFinancialConductAuthority), which can legally carry out legal currency and digital currency in the UK and EU countries Currency exchange business.