Bitcoin transaction volume

On March 22, 2019, PlanB published the article "Modeling Bitcoin Value with Scarcity". In order to visually eBitcoin transaction volumevaluate whether the scarcity of Bitcoin as measured by the S2F ratio is really related to price, PlanB determined on a logarithmic scale that the distance between 1 and 10 is equal to the distance between 10 and 100, which is equal to between 100 and 1000. The distance between the two, and so on, determines the relative price change.

And until now, the Winklevoss brothers are still confident in Bitcoin. In an interview last year, the two commented that Bitcoin is currently the most veteran cryptocurrency! Since network effects are difficult to destroy, in terms of'hard currency', Bitcoin will be a long-term winner. With this persistent belief, the Winklevoss brothers not only used Bitcoin to buy Virgin Galactic spaceship tickets, but also established the cryptocurrency exchange Gemini, and persevered in advancing the adoption of the Bitcoin ETF.

The core part of DBSCAN is the concept of core samples, that is, samples in high-density areas. Therefore, a cluster is a set of core samples, each core sample is close to each other (measured by distance), and a set of non-core samples close to the core sample (but not the core sample itself). The algorithm has two parameters, min_samples and eps, which formally define the meaning of density. A higher min_samples or a lower eps indicates a higher density required to form a cluster.

Castella also stated that XRP does not conform to the concept of true cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. He pointed out the role of Bitcoin and Ethereum as valuable storage, while XRP looks more like a digital legal currency issued by a company. He believes that lack of mining is an important red flag, and said:

ONT has been declining since the mainnet went live. It hasn’t stopped the decline. Every time the decline has stabilized, the volume has dropped. It has been shipping. Now it is twice as long as the market started. It can be seen that the main force’s intention is not to protect. Before opening a position, you must be careful to pressure 3300 and support 2700.

Bitcoin extortion virus has spread globally since 2015. The virus uses remote encryption of user computer files to extort Bitcoin ransom from users. Although anti-viruBitcoin transaction volumes software can kill the virus, it cannot do anything about encrypted files. Users can only pay in Bitcoin. The file can be decrypted only after the ransom.

Judging from the differences in transaction holdings and basis changes between BitMEX and OKEX, coupled with the continued premium of Bitcoin on fiat currency exchanges, it can generally support the recent mainstream view of the market that "this Bitcoin bull market is driven by American institutions". The industry has recently been keen to discuss the increasing Bitcoin holdings of Grayscale Investments. “Grayscale purchased more than 11,000 BTC in April 2019, accounting for about 21% of the global monthly supply of BTC.” Grayscale’s holding curve is indeed getting more and more Steep, the implied premium for Grayscale unit trust shares is getting higher and higher, and institutional investors seem to be FOMO.

The real potential threat of 51% mining attacks comes from participants at the national level. Assuming it is a single sovereign country, such an entity does not need to care about costs at all. It has incredible energy and has the motivation to attack Bitcoin. But again, this does not give the attacker the ability to control the Bitcoin network, it can only attack a small part of the Bitcoin network. Regardless of motivation, let us see what the actual situation is.