Bitcoin price this week

The new defi product GPT officially launched by ECOC is a new way to bring profits to all EFG holders. EFG holders can obtain GPT by pledging EFG for mining. The pledge mining activities are carried out through smart contracts on the official website and will officially start at 17:0Bitcoin price this week0 on December 9, 2020.

According to coindesk on December 5, the report showed that the total amount of net short open positions in leveraged funds on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) continued to increase, a record high in the past two weeks. By the end of last month, the market had a record high of $1.3 billion in open positions. Although short positions fell slightly in early November, these traders have continued to increase their short positions since September. Over the same period, bitcoin rose 60%. Leverage accounts for 62% of the total open positions in CME bitcoin futures market.

2. The performance of mainstream digital currencies is as follows: eth is tentatively 507.35usdt (+ 8.17%), XRP is tentatively at 0.3229usdt (+ 7.78%), BCH is at 255.62usdt (+ 4.66%), LTC is at 82.2usdt (+ 1.72%), EOS is at 2.767usdt (+ 5.39%), BSV is tentatively at 165.25usdt (+ 2.96%).

Coinbasepro announced the launch of nucypher (nu). Coinbasepro has now accepted Nu token deposits. If the liquidity conditions are met, the transaction is expected to start at or after 01:00 Beijing time on December 3.

According to Boca official, Boca's co-founder Robert habermeier announced the current progress of parallel chain in the keynote speech: 1. V1 (production level) parallel chain code has been fully standardized in the guide, most of the implementation of rust has been completed, only a few subsystems have been realized; 2. The message passing function (HRMP) between parallel chains has been realized, and parallel chain messages have passed through 3

According to coindesk, oBitcoin price this weekn November 17, Conor Freeman, an Irish man, was sentenced to two years and 11 months in prison at the Dublin Criminal Court in Ireland. Freeman stole more than two million dollars in cryptocurrency by participating in SIM card exchange attacks. According to judge Martin Nolan, he has admitted several charges involving fraud. At the time of his arrest, he held 142.7 bitcoins, worth more than $2.5 million.

The result of today's market is up. Five analysts of eagle eye blockchain - Eagle, Yu huanshuo coin, Ding Jiayong, Zanzhong Chan and Qinglong blockchain are accurate. Five of the nine analysts were bullish and four were bearish tonight. (welcome to the live room at 8:00 every night to chat with analysts face to face! Please add wechat: bishijiesamo)

They are: sono amhaz, founding partner of voltcapitcapital; Sam bankman fried, founder of FTX; Joseph Krug, co-founder of augur; Alexander Liegl, co-founder of layer1 technologies; Jack mallers, founder of zapsolutions; Flori Marquez, co-founder of blockfi; Charlie Noyes, partner of paradigm; Brian tubergen, co-founder of coinlist; Amiti uttarwar, bitcoin protocol engineer; and a Andrew Yang, co-founder of uthenticiti.

According to the official announcement of 58coin, in order to reduce the transaction costs of users, it will reduce the service charges of BTC, EOS, ETH, BCH, BSV, LTC and XRP from 17:00, November 18, 2020 to maker 0.02% and taker 0.03% from the current maker 0.03% and taker 0.03%. The adjustment applies to usdt contracts, currency based contracts, quarterly contracts and hybrid contracts. After adjustment, the service charge of this category contract is the lowest in the whole network.